Press Release for October, 2008 Exhibit
Addison Woolley Gallery

Portland, ME., September 19, 2008 -- The exhibit at Addison Woolley Gallery in October will be The Camera as Artist’s Tool, featuring the work of Jim Kelly, Rebekah Younger, Arunas Bukauskas and Paul Brahms. From large abstracts that bring to mind the works of a Rothko or Pollack; to fiery deconstructions, life drawings and paintings, the gallery will be vibrant with color, movement and form.

Kelly, who worked as a commercial photographer in Boston for many years, re-located to Portland and now concentrates on his art. He uses the photograph as a base, usually a surface – wall, sidewalk, grafitti - printed on large sheets of heavy water color paper, upon which he layers rich swaths of color, intricate patterns or bits of collage. And, sometimes, just when the viewer thinks they see what they perceive to be mostly a painting, it is actually mostly a photograph.

Younger, an ordained minister and practicing Buddhist, is a multi-media artist who views art as a contemplative medium and a path to peace both for the viewer and the creator. The works in this exhibit, that explore the warmth and passion of fire, are photographs that deconstruct one of her abstract paintings into fragments that the eye might discern while moving across the work – line, shape, color.

Bukauskas, who studied fine art both in his native Lithuania, and in the U.S., also works in a variety of media. Primarily a photographer, the works in October’s exhibit are vividly colored life drawings based upon photographs of his models. His ability to capture poignant, revealing and penetrating expressions on the faces of his nudes, carries the viewer to another plane where story becomes a part of the composition.

And Brahms, who works in oils and acrylics on board or canvas, first photographs his subjects, and then paints in his Peaks Island studio, where he captures astonishing moments of light and color, tenderness and joy. Fluent in Italian, he has painted his way through Italy and France before returning to Maine to paint and begin raising a family.

The Camera as Artist’s Tool
Photography-based mixed media

Jim Kelly, Rebekah Younger, Arunas Bukauskas, Paul Brahms

October 2nd – November 1st – Opening Reception, Fri., Oct. 3rd 5-8 p.m.

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