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Here are links to a selection of reviews of past exhibits at Addison Woolley Gallery


December, 2008

Philip Isaacson in his December 14 "Audience" column in the Maine Sunday Telegram features Addison Woolley's November exhibit of the work of Tillman Crane: Tillman Crane: master of his craft.


November, 2008

The VoxPhotographs Weblog (The Voice of Fine Art Photography in Maine) features the current exhibit at Addison Woolley Gallery: Tillman Crane's show of palladium prints. The review is online at


October, 2008

Philip Isaacson devotes a section of his Portland Press Herald "Audience" arts column to the current exhibit, "The Camera As Artist's Tool".  Read his review here.


August, 2008

See the informative and enthusiastic review of the current Addison Woolley Gallery exhibit, highlighting the work of David Wade and Rene Braun, at VoxPhotographs online blog.


July, 2008

There's a marvelous, newsy review (including a picture of Susan and another of the Gallery Dog) online this week. See the blog written by Jamiepeeps. Don't miss it.


May, 2008

The VoxPhotographs Weblog: The Voice of Fine Art Photography in Maine, written by Heather Frederick, featured an article on the May exhibit, Nature: Subtle Sublime Surreal: " Addison Woolley Gallery - With a Twist".  She includes reproductions of a photograph by Dan Dow, and one of the photos created by a 6th Grade student, Sarah Hesselink, included in the "Hidden Portland" workshop contribution to the May exhibit.


April, 2008

Linda Frye Burnham of the national Community Arts Council noted the "Hidden Portland" photography and writing workshop sponsored by The Telling Room, and taught by Fran Vita-Taylor and Susan Porter

April 10, 2008

"Hidden Portland: kids' pix and stories online

Linda Frye Burnham / 03:23 PM
Maine teachers Fran Vita-Taylor and Susan Porter are conducting a workshop (through April 12) called "Hidden Portland: Writing and Photography" for grades 6-8. The lovely place-making project has an online portfolio of photos and writing by the children. They are worth looking at and the format worth copying. Also, an exhibition (one large-printed photo and one piece of written work each) will be on display for the month of May in the Addison Wooley Gallery in Portland's Old Port. The workshop is through an organization in Portland called "The Telling Room," whose mission is to 'privilege the act of storytelling as a vital means of expression and community building.' "


March, 2008

Addison Woolley Gallery and Center for Photographic Inquiry launched its inaugural exhibit at the beginning of March, 2008: Four Photographers - Four Techniques

On March 23, Philip Isaacson, art critic for the Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram, reviewed that exhibit in the "Audience" section of the paper: "In their own images, four photographers excel"

His review begins:

"It seems appropriate to greet the season by welcoming a new kid on the block, the Addison Woolley Gallery on Market Street in Portland. Its initial exhibition – "Four Photographers, Four Techniques" – portends well for its ambition to become a center for photographic inquiry."

Full Review Online


The local arts weekly newspaper, SWITCH, featured an article by Avery Yale Kamila reviewing the inaugural exhibit of Addison Woolley in its Visual Culture section:"New Addison Woolley Gallery trains its lens on photography"

The article included a photo of Addison Woolley owner, Susan Porter, hanging the first exhibit, as well as a small reproduction of a photo from that show by Tillman Crane.


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